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On the Run - Australian Crime Writers in America!


NEWS:   Jock Serong, Robert Gott, Emma Viskic and I are the very excited recipients of a grant from the Australian Arts Council to tour America!  I know!  Four crime writers touring together... it could be dangerous.  I've resisted anouncing the tour here until our itinerary had more shape... which it now does. The schedule is ambitious in terms of time, workload and budget and takes us to New York-Dallas-Phoenix-Las Angeles-Santa Cruz and San Francisco. And the budget still allows for a loaf of bread each day if we take our own vegemite! So this has become seriously exciting. The four of us are friends now... 3 weeks on the road in the US and those who survive will be the best of friends (bonded by the secret of what happened to the others...)!  We are all really grateful for this opportunity and very honoured to be going to US to talk about Australian crime writing and make friends. We want to take you all with us, so we'll be posting on every platform we know, sending back electronic postcards, blogging, vlogging tweeting etc. We'll use the #ontherun hashtag and introduce you to the America we encounter. So come with us. xx



New York: 27 - 30 Oct (Visit to the Australian Consulate + events TBA)
Dallas: 30 Oct - 4 November (Bouchercon)
Phoenix: 4 - 8 November (Poisoned Pen Bookstore)
LA - 8 - 12 November (Flintridges Bookstore, Book Carnival, Noir at the Bar, Vromans)
Santa Cruz - 12 - 14 November (Santa Cruz Sisters in Crime)San Francisco - 14 -16 November(GGP Books, Literary Salon Berkley)