Chasing Odysseus





“Chasing Odysseus was a captivating read. Gentill manages to present such beautiful scenes, but yet she still leaves space for the imagination- for the readers to add to the story and make it their own. It is a talent that not many authors acquire. I rarely put it down, and when it did fall from my grip I found myself constantly thinking of it. Definitely worth reading. “ - COOKS HILL BOOKS (Freya Palmer)


Chasing Odysseus by S.D. Gentil is a great read suited to not only young adults but for older readers as well.  The story of Chasing Odysseus is crisp and clear and easy to read, and very entertaining, with adventure and mythology mixed together to bring the story of the ancient past to life in a bold new way of thinking for young and old to discover (or is that to re-discover) in a world of time of the bygone era. If this first book in the series leaves you wanting more, then the next two books in this exciting new trilogy will make you want to find out the story’s outcome to its gripping end.” - KATOOMBA BOOK EXCHANGE (Peter Karsten)



Chasing Odysseus is an alternative telling of both the Illiad and the Odyssey.  The story pulls together the tales of Homer and the Greek mythology against which the great bard told those tales.  It answers the question of how the Trojans survived a ten year siege behind the walls of the citadel, by using the actual myth of Agelaus the herdsman to create a forgotten people, the Herdsmen of Mount Ida.  Chasing Odysseus weaves into the Odyssey – it does not contradict Homer but provides another story within the Greek epic.

The novel will be published on the 7th of March 2011 by Pantera Press.

On this occassion I had the previlege of working with Deonie Fiford as my editor.  I glow warmly whenever I think of this particular manuscript.  It has become everything  that I dreamed it could be.  Both the cover and the internal text was designed by XOU Creative.  I am completely ecstatic about the way the book looks...blitheringly happy.  One shouldn't judge a book by its cover but this is such a great cover, I wouldn't mind if you did!

The novel is finished - edited, typeset, proofed etc.   Essentially now the fate of the novel is in the hands of the publicity and marketing people and of course readers.  Nothing more I can do but cross my fingers....and write the sequel.