Book club questions: 

A Few Right Thinking Men


1.  Who exactly does the title A Few Right Thinking Men refer to?

2.  Was the Great Depression economically difficult for everybody?  Consider who may have prospered and how?

3.  Who does the character of Wilfred represent in this story?

4.  What does Edna represent?

5.  Is Rowland truly in love with Edna, or is he as Milton says “a hopeless romantic”?  Do you think the depth of his feelings has anything to do with the fact that she won’t have him?  Is she simply the first thing he’s ever been denied, or is there more to it?  Why?

6.  What does Rowland’s feelings about Edna tell you about Rowland himself?

7.  Should Rowland declare his feelings to Edna?  Consider to consequences for both of them?

8.  Why does Edna not allow herself to have feelings for Rowland?  Is this valid or is she just being silly?

9.  Is Rowland being exploited by his friends?

10.  Is Rowland irresponsible?

11.  Who is the hero of this story?

12.  Does economic crisis provide a fertile ground for political extremism?  Consider the rise of other political extremist movements – is there any relationship between their rise and financial stress?

13.  What do you think of Herbert Poynton?  Is he a traitor or a whistle-blower?  What do you think Rowland said to him in the tea house?

14.  Does A Few Right Thinking Men follow the parameters of the classic crime fiction genre?

15.  Could this happen again?  Could Australia see the rise of extreme right-wing movements again?

16.  Were the men of the New Guard patriots or insurgents?

17.  Which way would you expect Rowland Sinclair to vote?