These are questions for that other type of bookclub - you know who you are.  These are the questions I'd ask in the precise order I'd ask them. 


Alternate Questions: 


A Few Right Thinking Men


1.  Who would you cast to play Rowland in the movie?

2.  What about Edna?

(Follow up questions as appropriate:  Are you sure?  Are you crazy?  Isn’t he dead?)

3.  Do all men look better in suits?  Are the men of today grossly underdressed?  Shouldn’t something be done about it?

4.  Did anyone bring wine?

5.  Is there something sexy about Wilfred or does he remind you of your father?  (Please don’t say both because that’s kind of wrong.)

6.  Was Henry Sinclair a tyrant or is it just a scary portrait?

7.  Why do you think Rowland was packed off to England for so long? (cue “Jaws” music here)

8.  Did anyone bring food?  Is there cheese to go with this wine?

9.  What songs would you choose for the soundtrack of the movie? (You may need a few more wines to do this question justice.)

10.  Do you think Lucy Bennett secretly wants to be painted as a nude? 

11.  Do you think shooting Rowland might not have been an accident?  Does Edna harbour murderous impulses towards him?

12.  Where’s the cake?  Surely someone brought cake?

13.  Who should make the movie…Spielberg or the BBC or the mob that made "The Castle"?  What about a musical...rock or lyric opera?

14.  Who is this genius, Sulari Gentill?  How can we ensure she becomes a best seller?

15.  Is someone making coffee?