On Friday the 25th of October, Gentlemen Formerly Dressed was formally launched at the Literary Institute of Batlow.  It would take a new novel to fully describe the warmth and colour and enthusiasm of a hometown launch, and so I have simply posted the photographs here instead.  From the cardboard chandelier, to the jazz-band silhouettes, the papier-mache stag made from extra pages of the A Few Right Thinking Men, fresh flowers from local gardens, cider made of local apples, not to mention a feast so extravagent that it would have impressed Rowland Sinclair himself, there was not a detail overlooked.  Thank you all for a spectacular and elegant good-luck party for Gentlemen Formerly Dressed.  Go well little book, and make friends. 






Gentlemen Formerly Dressed


Just to let you know.... Gentlemen Formerly Dressed is Coming!






The Davitt Awards

    Paving the New Road finds itself on the shortlist for this year's Davitt Award amongst the books of some truly stella crime writers.  


Adult fiction (links are to reviews at Fair Dinkum Crime)
Cold Grave (Kathryn Fox, Pan)
Paving the New Road (Sulari Gentill, Pantera Press)
Mad Men, Bad Girls and the Guerilla Knitters Institute (Maggie Groff, Pan)
Walking Shadows (Narrelle M Harris, Clan Destine Press)
Silent Fear (Katherine Howell, Pan)
Silent Valley (Malla Nunn, Macmillan)
Sisters of Mercy (Caroline Overington, Bantam)
The Poet’s Cottage (Josephine Pennicott, Macmillan)

The Children of the King (Sonya Hartnett, Viking)
Moonlight and Ashes (Sophie Masson, Random House)
Truly Tan (Jen Storer, ABC Books)
The Tunnels of Tarcoola (Jennifer Walsh, A&U)

True crime
The Waterlow Killings (Pamela Burton, Victory)
Missing You (Justine Ford, Five Mile Press).


Congratulations fellow listees... I am very honoured to be among you.  I've booked my flights and am so looking forward to a wonderful evening with my Sisters in Crime on the 31st of August, when the winner shall be announced. 

....Just glancing through my previous posts and realise I forgot to mention that I won the Davitt Award last year for A Decline in Prophets.  I'd like to think it was modesty but it's more likely I got distracted and forgot to update my website!

It's a bit late (sorry) but this is what my Davitt looks like!











Catching up

  So...what have I been doing instead of updating my website?  Quite a lot actually... (she says defensively).

Gentlemen Formerly Dressed (Rowland Sinclair 5) has now been edited, and "covered".  All that's left is the final proofing and tweaking, and the manuscript goes off to become a book. The cover (by Luke at Blue Cork) is my favourite yet.   I wish I could post it now...but they'd have to kill me.

I also revised  Escaping Judgement, which was my very first novel, and which has now found it's way to the top (or near the top) of the publication pile.  Revisiting a novel you first wrote so long ago (5 years now) is an interesting process... there were things I just didn't know about the craft back then and things I blanched from wrting directly because I was new and hesitant.  Anyway it's done!

Aside from that I've been attending festivals!  All truly wonderful in their own way.

First off the rank was the Snowy Readers and Writers Festival in Jindabyne.

    IYou can't help but feel important when they put your face on cake! 




Old friends and fellow writers - Jesse Blackadder and Karen Viggers.

    The very warm and charming Sue Pieters Hawke.   


 Murder in the Mountains... Batlow's own Crime Fiction Festival, graced by such literary masters as B.Michael Radburn, Malla Nunn, P. M. Newton, Vikki Petraitis, John M. Green and me!  I live there - they can't not invite me.



Then it was up to Bundaberg (via Brisbane where I caught up with my Dad) for the Bundaberg Writefest.



 Deonie Fiford who has now edited 5 of my books but who I had to go to Bundaberg to meet!


I jumped off the plane from Bundaberg, and hopped on another to Sydney for the Sydney Writers' Festival.  I arrived in time for the ABIA Awards dinner in which my magnificent publishers Pantera Press were shortlisted for Best Small Publisher.   


 And then I immersed myself in literary atmosphere before appearing on a panel on Fantastical Stories with K.B. Hoyle and Kate Forsythe.






   I dropped by the ABC Studios to shoot an author interview for The Bookclub....


...and the Tom Keneally Centre at the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts to speak about The Blood of Wolves.



 And now I'm home... updating... and writing.


I haven't died.....



Once again I have been disgracefully neglectful of this website. I plead in mitigation that I've been writing.  Today is the deadline for the next Rowland Sinclair novel which will be titled Gentlemen Formerly Dressed for release later this year.  I submitted it yesterday!  January and February have been huge months in terms of intense word production... so much so that it feels a little odd not to be writing anything at the moment.

In the meantime, whilst I've had my head in a Rowly manuscript, The Blood of Wolves has been approaching release.  It will be out tomorrow.  The Hero Trilogy is now complete.  I remember so clearly writing the very first sentence of the first book (Chasing Odysseus) some ways it's like yesterday, in others I feel like I've always known Hero and her brothers.

There's no official launch for The Blood of Wolves.... it will slip quietly onto the shelves tomorrow.  But on the 14th of March I will be speaking in conversation with Dr. Alastair Blanshard at the University of Sydney, as part of the Classics and Ancient History Research Seminar Program.  (Everybody's welcome)  I could not be more honoured and excited by this invitation.  Alastair, who I have been known to refer to as my Classcist, has had a huge hand in these books.  He first introduced me to Homer's Odyssey many many years ago, he's checked my translations from the original Greek and Latin, and in fact edited The Blood of Wolves.  Now that the trilogy is done, a conversation with Alastair about the challenges and joys of Mythic Fiction seems very right somehow. 

Without making this post sound like an Oscars speech, I do need to declare how extraordinarily lucky I am to be with Pantera Press.  The Hero Trilogy is an unusual series with a challenging market and yet my books have received all the care and support of which any author could dream.

Now it's up to Hero and the Herdsmen of Ida.  Go forth little book and find friends.


PS: The "Read the First Chapter" button doesn't work on this website but if you're interested try here.