So...I've been a published writer for two months now.  It's hard to assess whether it feels long or short, temporally speaking and I do wonder if I'll ever get used to it.  I've had launches and several reviews.  I've been a panellist at the Crime and Justice Festival, done radio and newspaper interviews and even received letters from my readers.    It's been fun - a guilty pleasure really.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I'm haunted by the idea that I should be in a garret somewhere suffering for my art.  I'm not suffering.  I'm having fun.






This is the website of Sulari Gentill, author of fiction and now these pages.  Welcome!  I'm still trying to figure this site building thing out so please bear with me as I bumble around trying to get all the buttons to work.  Hopefully these pages will tell you a little about me and my books.  Please feel free to contact me by posting a comment here - I will respond as soon as time allows.  Thank you for visiting.



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