Sydney Writers' Festival

I have the very great honour of being a guest of the Sydney Writers' Festival 2011.  On the 19th of May Elisabeth Stead (acclaimed author of The Sparrows of Edward Street) and I will be speaking with Irina Dunn, in a session entitled Secret Sydney.  On the 20th of May, Shamini Flint (author of the Inspector Singh Investigates series) and I will be talking to Margaret Barbalet in a free session called Once Were Lawyers.

I've prepared for the festival by reading the works of these extraordinary writers, and buying a pair of green boots!  Am so looking forward to it all.


A Decline in Prophets and New Clothes for A Few Right Thinking Men

A Decline in Prophets, the second book of the Rowland Sinclair Series, will be released on the 1st of July.  In the meantime this is what it looks like.







On the 1st of June, A Few Right Thinking Men will have been out for a whole year.  To commemorate the occasion, it is being re-released in the smaller B-Format with a brand new cover.  Voila!


Between the Lines

Chasing Odysseus was launched yesterday at Between the Lines, my local bookstore in Tumut.  There's always something very special about local launches...perhaps it's all the familiar faces.


Who would have thought there were so many ancient Greeks wandering around the lush foothills of the Snowy Mountains.  A sincere thank you to Mandy Priest (the proprietor of Between the Lines) and to the Tumut Youth Council for adding a certain authenticity to the event.

 Chasing Odysseus was officially lanched by Mayor Trina Thompson and included a reading, (by me), nibbles, (by someone who cooks a whole lot better than me) and of course the chocolates of the gods (which were devoured in quantity).

Atticus (my younger son) was a little disappointed that their was no actual jet propulsion of books into the air, but it was otherwise a really lovely debut event.  Thank you Tumut, Batlow and Adelong.


I've posted just the very end of the reading below.  Excuse the wobbles - my cameraman is nine years old.



Review - Chasing Odysseus

The first reveiws of Chasing Odysseus are emerging.  For a particularly wonderful one by fellow writer, Angela Savage, see Angela's blog.  Angela is the award winning author of Behind the Night Bazaar and The Half-Child.  A good review is always lovely, but it's particularly warming when the reviewer finds in your book the things that you hold most dear.


Chasing Odysseus - Local Launch

Chasing Odysseus will be avaiable in bookstores from 7 March 2011.  It will be officially launched on Friday 12 March at Between the Lines, my local bookshop.  Absolutely everybody is welcome.