Commonwealth Writers' Prize

The South East Asia and Pacific regional shortlist for the 2011 Commonwealth Writers' Prize has been announced.

The nominees for the South East Asia and Pacific best book are:

  • Reading Madame Bovary by Amanda Lohrey (Black Inc., Australia)
  • That Deadman Dance by Kim Scott (Pan Macmillan, Australia)
  • Time's Long Ruin by Stephen Orr (Wakefield Press, Australia)
  • Hand Me Down World by Lloyd Jones (Text, New Zealand)
  • Notorious by Roberta Lowing (A&U, Australia)
  • Gifted by Patrick Evans (Victoria University Press, New Zealand)

The nominees for the South East Asia and Pacific best first book are:

  • 21 Immortals by Rozlan Mohd Noor (Malaysia)
  • A Man Melting by Craig Cliff (Random House NZ, New Zealand)
  • The Graphologist's Apprentice by Whiti Hereaka (Huia Publishers, New Zealand)
  • The Body in the Clouds by Ashley Hay (A&U, Australia)
  • Traitor by Stephen Daisley (Text, Australia / New Zealand)
  • A Few Right Thinking Men by Sulari Gentill (Pantera Press, Australia).


So...rather pleased.  :)


Hot off the Presses

Just opened an express post parcel from my dear publishers to find this...The final version of Chasing Odysseus resplendent in its new cover (which has exceeded even my unreasonably lofty expectations). 

So here it is, ready to hit the bookstores in March.  Look for it....please.

PS:  Sorry about the angle - self photography




Writers on Rafts

Being an expatriate Brisbanite, I have watched the events of the last couple of weeks unfold with both horror and pride.  Unspeakable loss and unbreakable spirits.  Like many, I wish I was close enough to pick up a shovel to join the army of volunteers...but I'm not.  The QWC (Queensland Writers' Centre) has however provided a way  to make a contribution beyond a direct donaton to the Premier's Appeal.  Writers on Rafts is gathering donations of  signed books and other services from writers, agents and publishers across the nation, to be auctioned for the benefit of Queensland's flood victims.  You can keep posted here  A brilliant cause and the opportunity to pick up bits and pieces from your favourite writers, publishing houses etc.



Brisbane is my hometown.  I grew up in a house very close to the banks of the Brisbane River.  The river always seemed sleepy and gentle then.  I'm thinking of home, of my homestate and of all the people there.  


Season's Greetings

Happy New Year everyone.

To all the readers and booksellers out there - thank you for your support in 2010.  It is very valued.

To all  the writers out there - Good Luck.  May 2011 be the year your manuscript finds a home.

Resolution:  Update Website more regularly.