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Author events, signings, festivals, that sort of thing....


Hmmm...I'd be lying if I said this didn't worry terrify me....



PS:  In case you were wondering, Parnell Hall really is a mystery author...it appears we writers have to multiskill.


Snowprint Bookstore

- Jindabyne  Friday 28 May

Alison and I had a brilliant time.  Jindabyne was a wonderful place for a shaky author to have her first instore signing.  We met nothing but kindness and enthusiam.

Thank you Shaaron and the all staff of Snowprint Bookshop for your warmth and hospitality.  We couldn't have felt more welcome. Thank you Eboshie restaurant for truly exquisite dining experience.  And thank you to Gordon who presented me with his own handmade pen when mine ran out of ink.  I have much to treasure from my event at Jindabyne.


Cellos Restaurant

- Sydney  Tuesday 1 June

    Despite a last minute vote of no confidence in my wardrobe, this turned out to be a magical night...the stuff launch-dreams are made of.  The great people in my life were all there, and I met many others who were interesting and delightful and charming...not that my old friends aren't....you know what I mean....  My books sold out which is immensely flattering and touching, and a little surreal.  Thank you to the Greens, who are Pantera Press, and who made this event and my book happen.               


Between the Lines Bookstore

- Tumut Saturday 5 June

Brilliant event hosted by Between the Lines, and the wonderful Cheryl and Lesley.  It was warm, and friendly and elegant - everything a country launch should be.  Alison (Pantera) came down and met my friends and neighbours, not to mention my sons, whose hearts she won completely.


Artists on Parade - Tumbarumba Art Gallery

- Tumbarumba 6 June

  A Few Right Thinking Men was launched in Tumbarumba at the gorgeous little gallery to which I often go for inspiration.  I think Rowland Sinclair would have approved wholeheartedly of a launch in an art gallery.  It was a lovely evening attended by many people who initially read this novel as a first draft manuscript. 



Please feel free to email me on sularigentillATbordernetDOTcom if you'd like further details on any of these events.

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